Eco-Mobility 2022

17th A3PS Conference                                                                                                                                              


„Efficient Propulsion Systems for Saving Renewable Energies“

took place on November 24th and 25th, 2022 in the Gironcoli-Kristall STRABAG Art Forum, Vienna in cooperation with the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund

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Eco-Mobility was a two-day show on competences and up-to-date developments. Representatives of OEMs and suppliers, of energy providers and R&D institutions as well as public and funding authorities reported on activites and strategies in the respective field and the Austrian automotive sector is represented by the A3PS members.


The 17th A3PS Conference Eco-Mobility and 1st AATP Annual Event was opened by A3PS CEO Michael Nöst, Climate and Energy Fund Managing Director Theresia Vogel and A3PS Chairman of the Board Hanno Miorini, followed by Welcome Notes of our Federal Minister Leonore Gewessler and Director General Henriette Spyra of the Minstry of Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology.
In the 1st Keynote Presentation, Stephan Neugebauer (BMW AG, ERTRAC) shared with us his thoughts about Climate neutral Road Transformation. He questions whether we should really “put all eggs in one basket“. The shift from „carbon neutrality“ to „zero-emission“ means, that only two technologies: Battery electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles are left for road transport. Technology-open research would be favorable and would allow more competition in technologies.
Georg List (AVL List GmbH) provided an overview about challenges and enablers on the path of sustainable mobility. Collaborative Research strengthens European competitiveness and positions Austria as a relevant innovation player.
Session 1: „Advanced Electric Vehicle Technologies“ showed us, that vehicle systems are getting more and more sophisticated. Besides of increasing efficiency both in operation and in the production processes, recycling and reuse / circular economy is a key challenge.
Simon Edwards (Ricardo) showed us different scenarios for the decarbonization of road transport. His conclusion:  The best way to reduce CO2 emissions as fast as possible is a mixed scenario with different powertrains for different use cases!
In Session 2: „Community Based Automotive Transformation“ we learned about frontrunners in Austria considering the Transformation to Electrified Mobility.
Oliver Danninger (Accilium) provided an overview on the first results of the Austrian Automotive Transformation Platform (AATP) after their first year.
In the panel „International perspectives on the Austrian Automotive Transformation Platform“ we learned that innovation takes time but we are running out of time! So the question is: How can we speed up the progress? The Austrian Automotive Transformation Platform does its part for making the transformation faster and will continue doing so after the first successful year.
In the evening we changed the setting at the location a little bit for networking and discussing the learnings of the 1st conference day. Our great jazz group with Pavle Jovanovics and wine tasting with Florian Kitla (Winery Kitla) and Hans Artner (Bio Winery Artner) accompanied the “flying dinner“ of our caterer Hollerei.
Keynote-Speaker Ulrich Kramer (FORD) opened the second day and explained us the FVV Fuels Study IV and IV b. (Annotation: The final report of the FVV fuel study IVb became publicly available few weeks after our conference). We learned that the speed of the ramp-up for fully sustainable technology pathways is THE decisive factor for minimizing the global warming impact of the transport sector! A mix of carbon neutral pathways – including drop-in e-fuels (as e.g., MtG/ FT gasoline/diesel) to carbon-neutrally operate the existing fleet - can speed up the transition to GHG neutrality significantly compared to single technology scenarios.
In Session 3 „Long-distance and off-road transportation“ we learned about the most promising sustainable solutions for applications which are very challenging to electricize.
Session 4 „Circular Economy and Production - Concepts and  Processes“ included aspects which are not only related to the propulsion system of a vehicle but its whole life cycle and materials which enable energy savings.

Key Learnings:
-    The best way to reduce CO2 emissions as fast as possible is a mixed scenario with different powertrains for different use cases.
-    There is a high need for interdisciplinary work – we need a system view in the development phase
-    Besides of automotive – consider aviation and shipment with high need for defossilization


Besides of interesting keynote presentations from politics, industry and R&D institutions we offer expert presentations in our four sessions “Advanced Electric Vehicle Technologies”, “Community Based Automotive Transformation”, “Long-Distance and off-Road Transportation” and “Circular Economy and Production – Concepts and Processes”.

Conference programme                                                                                

International Keynotes from politics, industry and R&D institutions
Plenary discussion

Specialist Presentations in 4 Expert Sessions:
Advaneced Electric Vehicle Technologies
Communitiy Based Automotive Transformation
Long-Distance and off-Road Transportation
Circular Economy and Production - Concepts and Processes

Exhibition of vehicles, components and posters
Networking with participants, speakers and exhibitors at the Social Evening


Eco-Mobility 2023 will take place in November 2023 - For regular updates visit our website or subscrive to the A3PS Newsletter.


Conference Chair:

Dr. Michael Nöst, MBA

Conference Committee:

Mr. Hanno Miorini, A3PS
Ms. Theresia Vogel, Klima- und Energiefonds
Dr. Andreas Dorda, BMK
Dr. Christian Chimani, AIT
Prof. Peter Prenninger, AVL
Mr. Thomas Uitz, OMV

Programme and Organization:

Dr. Astrid Wolfbeisser, A3PS
Ms. Anja Rautnig, A3PS
Mr. Gernot Wörther, Klima- und Energiefonds
Mr. Clemens Gattringer, Klima- und Energiefonds