Eco-Mobility 2023

18th A3PS Conference


How to achieve 100 % sustainable mobility?

Circular Economy – from Cradle to Grave and back to Cradle

was taking place on November 16th and 17th in Palais Palffy in Vienna's city center. 

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Eco-Mobility was a two-day show on competences and up-to-date developments. High-level keynote speakers and experts reported on activities and strategies in the respective field and the Austrian automotive sector was represented by the A3PS members. The international conference brought over 130 Austrian and international experts to Vienna, who presented current R&D solutions and discussed future drive and mobility solutions to meet climate goals with participants.

“The location has changed, but what stayed constant is the continuous partnership of A3PS and my ministry” – with these words, Federal Minister for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, Ms. Leonore Gewessler opened the 18th A3PS Conference at Palais Pálffy. She pointed out that BMK is not only providing R&D funding for vehicle technologies, but has been inviting relevant stakeholders to join A3PS since 2006.

Conference Chair Dr. Michael Nöst then moderated the keynote session. Prof. Le Anh Tuan from Hanoi presented a Roadmap to reach net-zero by 2050 in Vietnam followed by Dr. Olaf Toedter of KIT who explained the necessity of reFuels (= eFuels and advanced biofuels produced from renewable sources) as part of mobility transition. Mr. Josef Honeder of BMW Steyr concluded the keynote session with his presentation on openness to technology for sustainable mobility.

Following the keynote panel discussion, the authors of the 13 posters presented at the A3PS conference were introduced and the conference participants were invited to view the posters and discuss with the authors during the following break. The poster session is a good opportunity for young scientists to present their research to interested experts from our community. The posters were brought by students from universities of technology and Austrian research centers and by university professors.

The 4 specialist sessions were moderated by the 4 A3PS working group leaders and, following the sessions on BEV Battery Electric Vehicle moderated by Dr. Raimund Ratzi and on FCV Fuel Cell Vehicles & Hydrogen moderated by Dr. Alexander Trattner, the social evening provided an opportunity for networking and exchange among conference participants.

The second conference day again started with a keynote session moderated by MR Dr. Andreas Dorda. Prof. Sebastian Schlund of Fraunhofer Austria gave insight into future value creation in Austria after the mobility transition and Dr. David Storer of CLEPA presented the vision of international suppliers in research and innovation on the circular economy.

After the specialist sessions on the topics of HYF Hybrids & Sustainable Fuels moderated by Prof. Peter Prenninger and AVC Advanced Vehicle Concepts moderated by Prof. Bernhard Brandstätter, the conference participants were invited to contribute their ideas to the workshop in the 4 groups corresponding to the A3PS expert groups. This format is new to the A3PS conference and was very well received. The summary of the Workshop “How to achieve 100 % sustainable mobility?” can be found here.


Travel Note:

Palais Pálffy, Josefsplatz 6, 1010 Vienna can easily be reached by public transport via U1 and U3 metro. We would like to encourage you to come via public transport or bike, because we aim for high sustainability standards in our event organization.



Conference Chair:
Dr. Michael Nöst, IESTA
Conference Committee:
Prof. Peter Prenninger, AVL, Chairman of the Board
Dr. Andreas Dorda, BMK
Prof. Bernhard Brandstätter, Virtual Vehicle
Dr. Christian Chimani, AIT
Dr. Raimund Ratzi, Miba
Prof. Thomas Lauer, Technische Universität Wien
Prof. Werner Sitte, Montanuniversität Leoben
Dr. Alexander Trattner, HyCentA
Mag. Anton Werkgartner, Magna

Programme and Organization:
Dr. Astrid Wolfbeisser, A3PS



Conference Session Overview 2023

Day 1

2023/11/16 - Keynotes

Policies and Implementation Actions Towards Net-Zero by 2050 in Vietnam

reFuels as Necessary Element to achieve Paris Targets are ready

Technology Openess for Sustainable Mobility

Josef Honeder // BMW Steyr

2023/11/16 - Session 1: BEV

Towards decarbonising air transport: Li-ion batteries technologies for next generation aircraft

Recycling and Remanufacturing of Traction Batteries

Dr. Astrid Arnberger // Saubermacher

Miba Battery Systems VOLTfactory® – From Concept to Reality

Stefan Gaigg // Miba

2023/11-16 - Session 2: FCV

Solid Oxide Cell (SOC) Technology – Gamechanger Towards High Efficient Production of Hydrogen and Derivatives

Josef Macherhammer // AVL List GmbH

Hydrogen as Key Enabler for the Heavy-Duty Transport System Decarbonization

Dr. Andrea Gerini // IVECO

Decarbonization Solutions for Construction Machinery Focusing on Electrification and Hydrogen Technologies

Fuel Cell Busses - Toolchain for Operation Stategy Optimization

Rebekka Köll // HyCentA Research GmbH

2023/11/17 - Opening

Opening & Introduction

Prof. Peter Prenninger & Dr. Michael Nöst
Day 2

2023/11/17 - Keynotes

Future Mobility without Value Creation in Austria?

Prof. Sebastian Schlund // Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH

Automotive Suppliers’ R&I Vision on Circularity

2023/11/17 - Session 3: HYF

Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Prof. Markus Lehner // Montanuniversität Leoben

Pathways to Sustainable Inland Waterway Transport

Cristian Chirita // viadonau

Sweet Spotting the H2 ICE – An Approach for Portfolio Decisions Favoring the ICE Characteristics

2023/11/17 - Session 4: AVC

Bio-based materials: How we can make mobility more sustainable

Christian Kurzböck // Virtual Vehicle Research

Electric Vehicles of the Next Generation

Dr. Eric Armengaud // E-Volve Cluster