The Austrian automotive industry – or more precisely – automotive supply industry represents a significant value for Austria. Austria exports higher values in automotive parts and components than it imports new, complete vehicles. Furthermore, the automotive sector has the highest share of researchers – about 14%. Austria’s universities and research institutions enjoy an excellent international reputation. 




In order to maintain Austria’s favorable position and to secure its competitiveness in the automotive sector, industry, research institutions and the responsible Austrian authorities need to collaborate very closely. The common goal is to support the development and successful market launch of innovative, advanced power train and vehicle technologies including new energy carriers.

Four thematic working groups

The members of the A3PS cooperate in four thematic working groups disussing specific R&D needs, trends and outlooks, identifying common fields of interest and coordinating common position statements.

Strategic Partnership

Therefore, BMVIT founded A3PS in 2006 to support an active technology policy of the ministry and to strengthen Austria’s research and development activities. Since its foundation, A3PS has developed into a well established strategic partnership, serving as a reliable partner for the ministry as well as for the partner companies and scientific institutions. 

Power Train and Vehicle Technologies 

A3PS addresses all advanced power train and vehicle technologies (for example advanced ICE technologies, hybrid, battery electric and fuel cell vehicles, as well as advanced fuel technologies including bio fuels and active safety measures like ADAS) and it supports the whole innovation cycle (research, development, deployment).