A3PS Position Papers

The present A3PS position paper "R&D Challenges 2023+" summarizes envisaged developments and trends, as well as priorities of the industrial and scientific A3PS members, providing an overview on the R&D challenges in the coming years and the necessary R&D activities to strengthen Austria as a business location.

A3PS expert groups have updated and identified actions and measures towards a
climate-neutral, sustainable, efficient and safe transport system via:

  1. Technology-neutral support of mobility and powertrain innovations in Austria, taking a holistic view of the value creation process, considering LCA requirements ("from cradle to grave") in order to meet the 2030 targets and to enable EU mission 2050 targets in full.
  2. Determination of the need of a legal framework, norms, standards and a strategy, both for R&D activities, the rapid implementation of R&D results and for regular operation (street / off-road / rail).
  3. Fostering of core competencies in the field of mobility and powertrain innovations in Austria with a strong focus on value creation in Austria.

The A3PS position papers should support the orientation of national R&D activities and technology policy impulses, as a supplement to those priorities set at European level.


To empower the Austrian industry & academia in R&D regarding a global perspective à keep Austria competitive!

All R&D topics presented in the A3PS area comprise only CO2-neutral solutions, global oriented

As a "living document", the position papers are regularly checked for topicality and revised if necessary. The present position paper provides a short-term outlook for 2023-2025.

A more extensive list of research requirements including mid-term (2025-2023) and long-term (2030+) topics can be found in the A3PS Roadmap.

You can download either the entire document or the modules corresponding to the A3PS Expert Groups separetely.

Expert Group Position Paper Chapter
BEV Battery Electric Vehicle
FCV Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle and Hydrogen
HYF Hybrids and Sustainable Fuels
AVC Advanced Vehicle Concepts
AVC Innovative Materials and Production Technologies