VIRTUAL VEHICLE - Enabling future vehicle technologies
Univ.-Doz. Dr. Bernhard Brandstätter
Inffeldgasse 21a
8010 Graz
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VIRTUAL VEHICLE – Enabling future vehicle technologies

VIRTUAL VEHICLE is a leading international research and development center for the automotive and rail industries, located in Graz, Austria. 270+ researchers focus on the advanced virtualization of development. An essential element is the linking of numerical simulations and hardware testing which leads to a powerful HW-SW system design.

VIRTUAL VEHICLE’s international partner network consists of:

  • 80+ international industrial partners (OEMs, Tier 1 & Tier 2 suppliers, software vendors)
  • 40+ international scientific institutions

VIRTUAL VEHICLE is the largest COMET funded research center and is also active in 35+ EU-projects. In addition, VIRTUAL VEHICLE offers a broad portfolio of contract research for the vehicle development.

Our Fields of Expertise

The vehicle of tomorrow will be electrified, connected and automated. It should be especially safe and easy to operate.

  • AUTOMATE DRIVING covers the development, validation, test, operation, and continuous self-diagnosis of failoperational automated driving architectures and ensures the coexistence of these highly automated vehicles with conventional vehicles on the road.
  • SAFETY & SECURITY gives rise to new demands for Automated driving, connected cars and the Internet of Things. The researchers at VIRTUAL VEHICLE are working on novel solutions to meet such challenges, particularly by taking into account both trustability and social acceptance in order to maximise market uptake.
  • EFFICIENCY & COMFORT - how do electrification, lightweight design or energy management affect the individual comfort perception in the car? To what extent do innovative technologies have influence on a vehicle’s energy consumption? Our experts are working on the answers to these and many more questions.
  • DIGITAL OPERATION - speed and timing are a competitive advantage in an increasingly real-time economy. VIRTUAL VEHICLE researches on the future big data use cases for connected transportation solutions.
  • EFFICIENT DEVELOPMENT covers predictive functional validation, digital twins and complete product life cycles. Key factors are traceability, agility, comprehensive view and partner integration.
  • ADVANCED TESTING & VALIDATION - Functional validation of products with raising complexity requires a deep understanding of product behaviour and a creative combination of sophisticated numerical and physical methods. VIRTUAL VEHICLE investigates in advanced functional validation methods and provides demonstrators and state-of-the-art and cutting-edge testing facilities for vehicles, engines, powertrains and their components.