Institute of Mechanics and Mechatronics

Vienna University of Technology
Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Stefan Jakubek
Getreidemarkt 9/E325
1060 Wien
+43 1 58801 32501
+43 1 58801 32599

Present-day technical devices - like vehicles, e.g. - and facilities increasingly require mechanical and electronic components to interact synergetically. This led to the emergence of Mechatronics as a discipline. In the field of Mechanics, the focus is on modelling and analysing structures, mechanisms, and dynamic processes using sophisticated analytical and numerical methods. Many problems arising in the area of industrial applications can nevertheless be solved only by means of a synthesis with elements of Electronics and Informatics. For example, concepts of Control Engineering are essential in optimising a process while both modern Measurement and Actuator Technology are indispensable in applying and validating it.

However, with all technical innovations one should not forget the central role of human beings: from this point of view, investigations into man-machine interaction and in the field of Biomechanics are essential parts of many projects, too.

To meet these requirements, the Institute is built up of four closely cooperating Research Units:

  • Technical Dynamics and Vehicle System Dynamics
  • Mechanics of Solids
  • Technical Acoustics
  • Control and Process Automation

The expertise in the above fields results in manifold joint projects with national and international companies and universities, a multitude of publications in prestigious journals, and in the organisation of several workshops and scientific meetings.