Eco-Mobility 2020 - VIRTUAL LIVE EVENT

15th International A3PS Conference

Eco-Mobility 2020  - VIRTUAL LIVE EVENT

Sustainable Propulsion – from Research to Road

Efficient Propulsion Concepts and Sustainable Energy Carriers

19 November 2020  

Tech Gate Vienna, Donau-City-Straße 1, 1220 Vienna, Austria

In 2020 an important step on the way to our target of a carbon-neutral mobility was set by the proposed European Climate Law, based on the European Green Deal, Roadmap of the European Commission. The very ambitious CO2 limits for the transport sector for 2030 demand urgent implementation of measures in order to achieve defined climate targets. That means successful research results from the lab must find their way through industrialization to road and to customers.

  • Are the actions from today sufficient to stay on track to achieve 2030 goals?
  • Which different forms of alternative propulsion systems will find broad customer acceptance?
  • What role will Life Cycle Assessment have to evaluate most sustainable mobility solutions?
  • Which legal framework conditions are necessary to accelerate the transformation process in the mobility sector?
  • How will the building up of alternative supply infrastructures progress?

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Schedule and Programme

09:30 am - Opening

Conference-Chair: Michael Nöst, A3PS: Opening & Introduction

Hanno Miorini, A3PS: Welcome Adress

Leonore Gewessler (Federal Minister), Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology: Welcome Address

09:50 am - Discussion Session 1: Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle

Chair: Alexander Trattner, HyCentA


Ewald Wahlmüller, ElringKlinger

Michael-Dieter Ulbrich, OMV

Stefan Jakubek, TU Wien

Nigel Foxhall, BRP Rotax

11:10 am - Discussion Session 2: Battery Electric Vehicle

Chair: Andreas Eilenberger, Miba


Ralf Mittermayr, Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG

Martin Wilkening, TU Graz

Alois Steiner, Virtual Vehicle

01:00 pm - Keynote

Chair: Hanno Miorini, A3PS


George Crabtree, JCESR / Argonne National Laboratory

01:40 pm - Discussion Session 3: Hybrids and Fuels

Chair: Peter Prenninger, AVL


Christian Bauer, Paul Scherrer Institut

Gerfried Jungmeier, Joanneum Research

Dina Bacovsky, BEST - Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies

Richard Schauperl, AVL

03:00 pm - Discussion Session 4: Advanced Vehicle Concepts

Chair: Bernhard Brandstätter, Virtual Vehicle


Claudiu Vasiu, Magna

Michael Stolz, TU Graz

Dragan Simic, AIT

04:20 pm - Plenary Discussion

Jette Krause (EC) & Marta Yugo (CONCAWE), Presentation of the ERTRAC study "Carbon-neutral Road Transport 2050"

Christian Bauer (virtual), Paul Scherrer Institut

George Crabtree (virtual), JCESR / Argonne National Laboratory

Theresia Vogel, Klima und Energiefonds

Andreas Kuhn, ANDATA

Christian Chimani, Deputy Chairman of the A3PS Executive Board

Roland Hintringer, Member of the A3PS Executive Board

Thomas Uitz, Member of the A3PS Executive Board

Michael Nöst & Hanno Miorini: Closing Remarks

05:30 pm - End of Conference



Featured Experts

George Crabtree

Argonne National Laboratory

New Materials for Next Generation Designer Batteries

Christian Bauer

Paul Scherrer Institut

Life Cycle Assessement of Carbon capture and Storage

Michael-Dieter Ulbrich


Upscaling of green hydrogen for mobility and industry

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Eco-Mobility 2020 will discuss the impacts of different propulsion system solutions and provide in-depth information on latest developments and innovative strategies. Leading representatives from industry, R&D and technology policy will report on activities and strategies for the successful development and market introduction of efficient propulsion concepts and sustainable energy carriers.

Conference General Chair:

Dr. Michael Nöst, MBA, (A3PS)

Conference Committee:

DI Hanno Miorini, MBA, Chairman of Committee (BOSCH)

Dr. Andreas Dorda, Governmental Representative (BMK)

Dr. Christian Chimani (AIT)

DI Roland Hintringer, MBA (MIBA)

DI (FH) Thomas Uitz (OMV)

Conference Organisation & Programme

Dr. Elisabeth Luchini

Dr. Astrid Wolfbeisser


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