Eco-Mobility 2015

Eco-Mobility 2025plus was an international two-day conference with the aim to analyze trends in the development of advanced power train and vehicle technologies as well as energy carriers with the target to overcome barriers for their market introduction. Industry, R&D institutions and policy makers discussed the potential of these technologies for a sustainable mobility system and the competitiveness of the vehicle industry and the energy sector. 

The conference had a focus on the latest A3PS Technology Roadmap on Advanced Thermodynamic and Electric Power Trains, Automated Vehicles as well as Renewable Energy Carriers in order to meet future emission and CO2 targets.

Press Release Program

Day 1

2015/11/09 Keynote Session

Welcome Address Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology

Andreas Dorda // bmvit

Eco-Mobility 2025plus- Technologies for 75 g CO2/km in 2025

Wolfgang Kriegler // A3PS

Smart, green and integrated Transport

Coffee Break

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European Green Vehicles Initiative PPP – Approach, Impact and Future Outlook

Gereon Meyer // VDI / VDE / IT

The Norwegian EV Success Story

Petter Haugneland // Norsk elbil forening

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies: Elements of a sustainable Energy Economy

Johannes Töpler // DWV


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2015/11/09 Advanced Thermodynamic Power Train Technologies

Efficiency Towards 50% and Emissions Towards Zero: Future ICE Technology

Peter Prenninger // AVL

Dual Fuel Combustion – an Applicable Technology for Mobile Application?

Helmut Eichlseder // TU Graz - IVT

Potential of CNG-Direct-Injection for Downsizing Engine Concepts

Thomas Hofherr // TU Wien

Potential of Different Injection Systems for High Performance Two-Stroke Engines

Nigel Foxhall // RIC

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2015/11/09 Renewable Fuels


Walter Böhme // OMV

HyCentA – 10 Years of Hydrogen Success Story

Manfred Klell // HyCentA

Developments in Hydrogen Production and Storage Technologies

Sustainability versus Cost - The Perfect Future Energy Carrier

Dina Bacovsky // Bioenergy 2020+

Hydrogen Mobility in the Green Corridor Project to Advance Technology Competition in Central Europe

Ernst Fleischhacker // Fensystems

Social Evening

Sky Stage
Day 2

2015/11/10 Keynote Session

On the Road to a Sustainable Mobility

Andy Fuchs // Toyota

Components for Electric Energy Storage and Fuel Cell Systems from elringklinger

U.S. Department of Energy Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program

Coffee Break

Multimedia Stage Foyer

2015/11/10 Electric Power Train Technologies

Roadmap Automated Driving

Horst Pflügl // AVL

Cooling Concept Design Aided by Numerical Simulations of Air Cooled Electric Drive

Alessandro Zanon

Results of the e.-Mobility Lighthouse Project VECEPT and Outlook on eMPROVE

Michael Nöst // IESTA

Highly Integrated Electric Drive Systems

Markus Schermann // Magna

Modular Electrified Powertrains for Future Urban L-Category Vehicles (EU-LIVE)

Werner Rom // Virtual Vehicle

Future Trends, Challenges and Development Issues at the System Level of Lithium-Ion Cells/Battery Packs

Patricia Handel // Samsung SDI

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2015/11/10 Advanced Power Train Integration Technologies

Man or Machine – The Path to Zero Accident Driving

Hanno Miorini // Bosch

Central Platform ECU for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Andreas Eckel // TTTech

Management of Dynamic Traffic Data and Connectivity into Vehicles

Peter Hrassnig // Asfinag

VERONET: A Framework for Self Learning, Adaptive Traffic Control including Car2X Communication

Andreas Kuhn // ANDATA

Potential of Cooperative Systems for Automated Driving

Bernhard Grosswindhager // Magna

2015/11/10 Plenary Session


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2015/11/10 Life Cycle Assessment

Is LCA killing the Electric Car? – Results of an IEA-Task on Hybrid & Eletcric Vehicles

Gerfried Jungmeier // Joanneum Research

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