Eco-Mobility 2019

14th International A3PS Conference

Eco-Mobility 2019
Diverse Powertrain Concepts for a carbon-neutral future

14 and 15 November 2019          Vienna, Austria

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The automotive industry’s strive for low emissions and high energy efficiency brought up a large diversity in the field of (vehicle) propulsion systems. Driven by changing market demands and increasingly strict regulations the challenge remains for OEMs and suppliers as well as for academia to improve technical solutions while coping with the wide spectrum of powertrain types and vehicle models, in a most cost-efficient way.

  • Will diversity be the appropriate solution, offering the most efficient propulsion system for each of the different requirements?
  • Will diversity increase or decrease in the near future?
  • How can diversity be handled – as challenge for R&D and manufacturing?
  • Which powertrain technologies will serve future mobility needs best?
  • What will be the impacts of resources on the further development, now and up to 2050?
    Will potential shortages eliminate some powertrain solutions?

The full range of propulsion systems will be on the conference agenda. Eco-Mobility 2019 will discuss the impacts of different propulsion system solutions and provide in-depth information on latest developments and innovative strategies.
Leading representatives from industry, R&D and technology policy will report on the activities and strategies for the successful development and market introduction of advanced propulsion systems and fuels.

Conference programme

International Keynotes from politics, industry and R&D institutions
Plenary discussion
Specialist Presentations
     Propulsion Technologies
     Advanced Fuels
     Vehicle Technologies, Automated Driving
     Fleet Operation Projects
     Technology Policy
Exhibition of vehicles, components and posters
Networking with participants, speakers and exhibitors at the Social Evening

Following the keynotes, guest speakers and member institutions of the A3PS will present latest research activities and results. The detailed programme is currently being drafted.


Gironcoli-Kristall, Donau-City-Straße 9, 1220 Vienna, Austria


Registration for the conference will be open from August 2019 onwards.         
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Regular Tickets

€ 450,-
Special Tickets for  
     A3PS-Members € 200,-
     Members of Austrian Automotive Clusters (*1) € 300,-
     Students € 30,-
(*1) ACstyria, Automotive-Cluster Upper Austria


General Chairs: DI Hanno Miorini, Dr. Michael Nöst
Programme Chair: DI Wolfgang Wimmer
Committee:    Dr. Christian Chimani, Dr. Andreas Dorda, DI Roland Hintringer, DI Wolfgang Kriegler,
DI Hanno Miorini, Dr. Michael Nöst, Dr. Reinhard Pfliegl, DI Thomas Uitz


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