Eco-Mobility 2017

12th A3PS Conference 

November 9th and 10th, 2017 at TechGate Vienna - Sky Stage

"Applied Advanced Propulsion Systems"

Achievements – Challenges – Future Developments

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Eco-Mobility 2017 will provide a comprehensive overview of Austria's highlights on alternative mobility within the following topic areas:

  • Technology Policy
  • Vehicle Technology Projects
  • Propulsion Technology Projects
  • Fleet Operation Projects

Like in the years before we invite leading representatives from industry, R&D as well as technology policy institutions reporting on the activities and strategies for the successful development and market introduction of advanced propulsion systems and fuels.

Following the presentations of the keynote speakers, the member institutions of the A3PS will present their research activities and results in this area. The Austrian automotive supply industry, Austrian research institutions and Universities, as well as energy suppliers are closely connected to major OEMs and provide valuable engineering and production services to them.

Day 1


Official Opening and bmvit´s Strategy for Funding

Ingolf Schädler // bmvit

2017/11/09/Keynote Session

Overview of the Advanced Battery Materials Research Programm and Battery500 Consortium

Tien Duong // DoE

Key Challenges for the Automotive Industry

Stefan Deix // EUCAR

Kreisel's Innovative Battery Technologies for Electrified Vehicles

Markus Kreisel // Kreisel Electric

Autonomous Driving – What, Why, When?

Peter Schöggl // AVL

The Broad Range of Funding Instruments in the Austrian FFG

Christian Pecharda // FFG

2017/11/09/Propulsion Technologies

The Planetary Motor - Design and Control of a Novel Multi - Rotor Structure

Manfred Schrödl // TU ESEA

Technology Trends in Electric Motor Components for Automotive Applications

Mateo Primorac // Miba

A StepTowards European Automotive Battery Production

Boschidar Ganev // AIT

48 Volt Systems for Future Mobility

Thomas Hackl // Magna

On-site Renewable Hydrogen Production

Sebastian Bock // TU Graz CEET

2017/11/09/Vehicle Technologies

Austria as Test Region for Automated Driving from Test Sites to Learning Environments

Wolfram Klar // Austria Tech

Simulation Enabling Validation of Automated Driving

Bernhard Brandstätter // Virtual Vehicle

Advanced Motor Fuels Highlights

Dina Bacovsky // BioEnergy2020+

EV Battery-Packs at Low Temperature

Andrej Golubkov // IESTA
Day 2

2017/11/10/Keynote Session

Steyr Motors´ Approach for Targeting (Future) Customer Needs

Sascha Burglechner // Steyr Motors

How MAN eTrucks Will Change Urban Logistics

Felix Kybart // MAN

2017/11/10/Fleet Operation

Mobility and Lifestyle – Challenges Towards a Climate Friendly Lifestyle

Gerfried Jungmeier // Joanneum Research

E-Truck Overall Approach for 3 Shift Process Starts Operation

Rainer Schruth // Magna

Results from Fleet Operation of Hydrogen Forklifts and Industrial Trucks

Ewald Wahlmüller // Fronius

Electric Bus Projects in Europe - An Overview of Projects, Technologies and Manufacturers

Gerhard Weinzinger // TechnoMa

CNL's Implementation Projects for e-Trucks

Max Schachinger // CNL

Zero Emission Logistics with Hydrogen Heavy Duty Trucks

Rolf Huber // H2Energy

FCH Refuel - Modular Concept of an On-site Hydrogen Production Solution

Alexander Trattner // HyCentA

2017/11/10/Plenary Discussion

Plenary Discussion

Walter Böhme