Eco-Mobility 2016

11th A3PS Conference 

October 17th and 18th, 2016 at Tech Gate Vienna

Program Photos Review

This was Eco-Mobility 2016 under the Motto “Feasible Propulsion and Vehicle Technologies versus Political Visions”.

In the opening, Mag. Schädler from bmvit congratulated A3PS for the successful 10 years of A3PS. He acknowledged A3PS being more valuable than ever before since the next 10 years might be even more challenging than the past 10 years had been. The ministry is willing to support A3PS in the future but also demands solutions for the society!

In a special speech, Klaus Fronius demonstrated on the examples of a welding transformer and a control unit how impressive changes in technologies took place over the last decades.

He narrated about the “journey to the moon” he took together with few researches and how they developed “from a blank sheet of paper” towards a brilliant concept about hydrogen.

As a founding member of A3PS, he told the audience that he believes in A3PS as a well-organized partnership which offers support “because you cannot do all by yourself”. He approached the audience with the idea to warn and prepare our supply industry about the upcoming changes in a common effort.

A3PS will take this challenge!

Find the Presentations below!

Day 1


Opening - Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology

Ingolf Schädler

"...from a Blank Sheet of Paper..."

Klaus Fronius // Fronius

2016/10/17/Keynote Session

EVs and Fast Charging by Porsche

Klaus Rechberger // Porsche

Autonomy at any cost?

Guillaume Berthier // Renault

Coffee Break

Daimler's Road to FCEV Market Introduction

Jörg WInd // Daimler

Toyota's View on the Future Powertrain

Thiebault Paquet // Toyota

Future of Mobility

Stefanie Pyka // Bosch


2016/10/17/Propulsion Technologies

Propulsion Technologies 2050

Peter Prenninger // AVL

Well-to-Wheel - A Comparison of Propulsion Systems

Eberhard Schutting // TU Graz

Potential of Different Injection Systems for High Performance Two-Stroke Engines

Nigel Foxhall // BRP-Rotax

Research on Automotive Propulsion Systems for Future Mobility Needs

Bernhard Geringer // TU Wien

Automotive Battery Technology - Quo Vadis?

Walter Schmidt // Samsung

Coffee Break

2016/10/17/Vehicle Technologies incl. ADAS

Technology Ecosystem of Automated Driving

Christian Chimani // AIT

Connected Vehicles - the Role of Infrastructure

Andreas Schmid // swarco

Building Closed and Open Testbeds for Connetcted, Automated and Electrified Vehicles - A New Approach from ITIC

Joachim Taiber // ITIC

Automated Vehicles in Cities - Today and Tomorrow

Christoph Stiller // KIT

Deep Learning - Enabling Cars to See, Think, and Learn for Autonomous Driving

Serkan Arslan // NVIDIA

End of 1st Conference Day

Social Evening "10 Years A3PS"

Location: Sky Stage
Day 2

2016/10/18/Advanced Motor Fuels

Assessing Fuel and Vehicle Performance in a Well-to-Wheel Perspective

Logo VTT
Nils-Olof Nylund // VTT

Wind2Hydrogen – The Energy Revolution

Logo OMV
Helga Prazak-Reisinger // OMV

WIVA – Hydrogen Initiative Model Region Energy Austria Power&Gas

Logo HyCentA
Manfred Klell // HyCentA

Real Driving Emission and Fuel Consumption (for plug-in hybrids)

Logo Argonne National Laboratory
Henning Lohse-Busch // Argonne National Laboratory

Coffee Break

2016/10/18/Politics and Market

Efficient, Safe, Secure, and Environmentally Friendly Mobility

Logo isinnova
Andrea Ricci // isinnova

Co-Optimization of Fuels and Engines

John Farrell // NREL


2016/10/18/Plenary Discussion

Plenary Discussion

Moderation: Walter Böhme, Discussing with Klaus Fronius, Klaus Rechberger, Stefanie Pyka, Andrea Ricci, John Farrell, Gianni Lopez, Alfonso Cadiz, Questions from the Audience

Farewell Event - with drinks and snacks

2016 - Accompanying Exhibition

Magna Steyr – Fuel Cell Range Extended Electric Vehicle (FC – REEV)

Magna Steyr’s drivable demonstrator – the FC REEV – is the first all-wheel battery-driven electric vehicle using a hydrogen fuel-cell range-extender.

Bultaco Brinco

Brinco is a new and groundbreaking concept: the Moto-Bike. A new way of approaching and experiencing two wheels.

Toyota Mirai

Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell


Members and Partners presented their newest technologies, services and vehicles including:

     Picture: Magna Steyr

    Magna Steyr – Fuel Cell Range Extended Electric Vehicle (FC – REEV)
    Magna Steyr’s drivable demonstrator – the FC REEV – is the first all-wheel battery-driven electric vehicle using a hydrogen fuel-cell range-extender. Based on a standard multi-purpose vehicle this project shows how long ranges can be achieved at zero emissions. The FC REEV combines the advantages of two different alternative drives: fast fueling and the high-energy density of hydrogen as well as the available infrastructure for electric charging.

    Picture: Bultaco

     Bultaco Brinco
    Brinco is a new and groundbreaking concept: the Moto-Bike. A new way of approaching and experiencing two wheels.
    Brinco is the surprising combination between the motorcycling and bicycling worlds: electrical propulsion (2kW brushless AC Motor in the rear wheel powered by 1,3kWh Lithium-ion battery) and the physical experience of pedaling, independently; the perfect combination of both systems. Rider decide at all times how to maximize the perfect symbiosis between the throttle and pedals.


    Toyota Mirai
    The Mirai uses the Toyota Fuel Cell System (TFCS), which features both fuel cell technology and hybrid technology, and includes proprietary Toyota-developed components including the fuel cell (FC) stack, FCboost converter, and high-pressure hydrogen tanks.

     Picture: A3PS

    Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell

    The Hyundai ix35 FCEV is in production since 2013, a production vehicle that is powered by a fuel cell with hydrogen. Hyundai indicates an output of 100kW (136PS) and a torque of 300Nm. A tank contains 5,64kg of hydrogen and should last for a range of nearly 600km.

    "Wiener Kaffeehaus"

    The "Wiener Kaffeehaus" with a poster session and a more personal atmosphere allowed direct contact to the attendees for e.g. exchanging project ideas.