Eco-Mobility 2014

A3PS has organised already 9 conferences on hydrogen and fuel cell development, hybrid and electric vehicles, system integration, and transport fuels in the past years. 

For the 2014 conference A3PS has invited leading representatives from other OEMs, automotive suppliers, energy suppliers and technology policy institutions reporting their activities for the development and market introduction of advanced propulsion systems and fuels.

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Day 1

2014/10/20 Hydrogen

A3-FALCON: Advanced FC Analysis, Diagnostics and Its Application - Part 2

Clemens Fink // AVL

Plansee's FCH Activities

Andreas Venskutonis // Plansee

A3-FALCON: Advanced FC Analysis, Diagnostics and Its Application - Part 1

Sean J. Ashton // Intelligent Energy

FCH Austria: Status Quo and Perspectives

Manfred Klell // HyCentA

Status of H2 Technologies for Material Handling and Industrial Application at Fronius

Ewald Wahlmüller // Fronius

Research Activities towards Long-Term Stable SOFCs at Montanuniversitaet Leoben

2014/10/20 Fuel Cells

From Prototype to Serial Production - Manufacturing Hydrogen Fuelling Stations

Markus Mayer // Linde

Innovative Hydrogen Storage Systems

Benjamin Pessl // Magna Steyr

Low Temperature Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Production: Efficiency Improvement by Component Development

Viktor Hacker // CEET TU Graz

Hydrogen from Biomass via Thermo-Chemical Route - Status of Development and Perspectives

Successful Market Introduction of Hydrogen Mobility for Heavy Duty Vehicles

Markus Schneider // Alset

2014/10/20 Keynote Session

United States Department of Energy Overview of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Activities

Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Research at the JRC as well as R&D-Programs and -Strategies of the European Commission

FCH-Activities at Daimler

Jörg Wind // Daimler

Toyota’s Effort Towards Sustainable Mobility

Katsuhiko Hirose // Toyota
Day 2

2014/10/21 Keynote Session

The Challenge of Future Mobility - Hydrogen a Solution?

Oliver Bishop // Shell

Clean Vehicle Development at VW

Stefan Schmerbeck // Volkswagen

Technology Options for a Sustainable Energy and Transport System

LNG - Promising Alternative Energy Carrier for Heavy Duty Application! Potential, Market and Technologies

Matthias Rebernik // Cryoshelter

2014/10/21 Eco-Mobility

Miba’s Eco-Mobility Activities - Components for Lower Emissions / Higher Efficiency

Raimund Ratzi // Miba

Thermal Battery Stack Modeling and Simulation for Optimizing Vehicle Operating Strategy

Dominik Dvorak // AIT

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Fuels - The two Keys for the Energy Transition in the Transportation Sector

Gerfried Jungmeier // Joanneum Research

Lithium Ion Battery Integration in the Automotive Market

Klaus Grieshofer // Magna Steyr

E-Mobility Development at KTM

Arno Ebner // KTM