2009: Alternative Propulsion Systems and Energy Carriers

Important documents of the A3PS Conference "Alternative Propulsion Systems and Energy Carriers - 2009" are available here.


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Alternative Propulsion Systems and Energy Carriers
Austrian, European and global R&D- and demonstration projects, research institutions and funding programs


Austrian R&D-activities and funding instruments for the Development and Market Introduction of Alternative Propulsion Systems and Fuels
Andreas Dorda - BMVIT/A3PS

Energy Sources and Fuel Options - Shell Scenarios for the Future of Mobility
Karl Rose - Shell

Zero Emission Mobility - Germany is Preparing the Markets
Klaus Bonhoff - NOW

Sustainable Mobility: RENAULT Strategy with Alternative Energies
Remi Bastien - Renault

Road to Sustainable Mobility
Peter Fröschle - Daimler


An Overview of Electrical Energy Storage Systems for Automotive Applications
Georg Brasseur - TU Graz - Institute of Electrical Measurement and Measurement Signal Processing

Sustainable E-Mobility and Energy Infrastructures
Günther Brauner - TU Vienna - Institute of Electrical Power Systems and Energy Economics

Transportation Fuels of Tomorrow - Perspectives and Challenges for Transportation Biofuels, Hydrogen and E-mobility in Austria
Gerfried Jungmeier - Joanneum Research

A Chicken-and-Egg Solution in Electromobility
Christian Cudly - Bitter

Research Topics at CEST Competence Centre
Hermann Kronberger - CEST - Competence Centre for Electrochemical Surface Technology

Innovations for Competitive Electric Vehicles
Helmut Oberguggenberger - AIT - Mobility

Light Weight Structures and Light Metalls for New Electric Vehicles
Rudolf Gradinger - AIT - LKR Ranshofen

Electrification of Vehicle Drive Train - The Diversity of Engineering Challenges
Frank Beste - AVL List

Alternative Propulsion Systems with Main Focus on Electric Vehicles
Marius Meinert - Magna Steyr


Component Technologies for Automotive SOFC-Systems
Klaus Rißbacher - Plansee

Application of the Fronius Energy Cell in Intralogistics
Ewald Wahlmüller - FRONIUS

High Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells - The impact of fuel contaminants and temperature on fuel cell performance
Viktor Hacker - TU Graz - Institute of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology - Laboratory for Fuel Cell Systems

Activities at the Hydrogen Center Austria
Markus Sartory - HyCentA Research

Hydrogen Fermentation from Various Biomass Residues - The challenge of yield, productivity, costs and life cycle
Werner Ahrer - PROFACTOR

Emission Behaviour and Effi ciency of SI Engines operated with Biogas
Heiko Pflaum - TU Vienna - Institute for Internal Combustion Engines and Automotive Engineering

CNG600 - High Efficient Monofuel CNG Light Duty Vehicle
Luis Cachón - TU Vienna - Institute for Internal Combustion Engines and Automotive Engineering

Potentials of Effi ciency Increase along the Value Chain Biogas
Thomas Amon - Vienna University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences - Department of Sustainable Agricultural Systems

Status of Development of Synthetic Biofuels from Biomass in Austria
Reinhard Rauch - TU Vienna - Institute of Chemical Engineering

Second Generation Biofuels - State of the art: an overview on demonstration plants around the world
Dina Bacovsky - Bioenergy 2020+