2008/2: Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Important documents of the A3PS Conference "Hybrid and Electric Vehicles - 2008" are available here.


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Hybrid and electric vehicles, energy storage technologies and control systems
National and international R&D-projects, research institutions and funding programs


Development and Market Introduction of the Electric Drive Train by R&D-cooperation between industry, research institutions and technology policy in the Austrian Agency for Alternative Propulsion Systems, EU-Technology Platforms and the IEA
Andreas Dorda – BMVIT/A3PS

IEA IA-HEV Clean Vehicle Award - category personal - for Prof. Karl Kordesch
Urs Muntwyler - IEA IA-HEV/ Karl Kordesch - Award winner

Research and Development of Energy Storage Technologies for Transportation at the U.S. Department of Energy
David Howell - U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)

The Ecological Affordable Car
Joseph Beretta - PSA Peugeot-Citroën

The Evolution of HONDAs Hybrid Vehicles
Yoshio Yamamoto - HONDA R&D Co., Ltd, Automobile R&D Center


Ready to race with zero emissions
Franz Pirker; arsenal research
Harald Plöckinger; KTM

Energy Storage Systems for Hybrid Vehicles; from Racing to Production cars
Georg Brasseur; TU Graz - Institute of Electrical Measurement and Measurement Signal Processing

The Ni-MH Battery - A High-Performance Battery System - An Overview
Hermann Kronberger; TU Vienna - Institute of Chemical Technologies and Analytics - Division Electrochemistry

Influence of Operating Conditions on Membrane Ageing in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells (PEFC)
Viktor Hacker; TU Graz - Christian Doppler Laboratory for Fuel Cell Systems

HyLOG: Demonstration of Fuel Cell Range Extender for Zero Emission Material Handling Application
Ewald Wahlmüller; FRONIUS


Small Vehicles for Sustainable Mobility
Günther Brauner; TU Vienna -Institute of Electrical Power Systems and Energy Economics

Austrian Road Map for Battery Electric Vehicles
Josef Spitzer; Joanneum Research

Innovations on Hybridization for Sustainable Mobility
Burkhard Pollak; AVL List

Thermal Management of Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Gerhard Lux; TU Vienna - Institute for ICE and Automotive Engineering

Power Train Electrification / Hybridisation - Potentials and Complexity
Wolfgang Kriegler; Magna Steyr