Development of future-oriented vehicles
  • Rosenbauer Concept Fire Truck
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Rosenbauer International AG is the world’s leading manufacturer of systems for firefighting and disaster protection. The company develops and produces vehicles, fire extinguishing systems, equipment and telematics solutions for professional, industrial, plant and volunteer fire services, and systems for preventive firefighting. All of the main sets of standards are covered by products manufactured in Europe, the US and Asia. The Group has an active service and sales network in over 100 countries.
The listed family company is in its sixth generation and has served fire departments for more than 150 years. A strong customer focus, innovative strength and reliability are Rosenbauer’s key assets.

In 2016 Rosenbauer presented a concept study for the fire truck of the future, which confirmed again the technology leadership in the firetruck segment. On the basis of the positive feedback from customers, Rosenbauer E-Technology Development GmbH (RED) was founded. It develops vehicles and test equipment, in particular with electrical drive components, for future applications.
The main focus of RED lies on the serial development of the electric firetruck series with special attention on battery technology, e-motors and components, fuel cell technology, range extenders, autonomous vehicles and charging infrastructure with the aim to generate know how in the field of electric propulson systems.