Miba Group

Our Mission: Innovation in Motion – Technologies for a Cleaner Planet
DI Roland Hintringer, MBA
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Miba develops and produces components essential to the functionality of a variety of applications such as powertrains for vehicles, trains, ships, airplanes and power stations. Miba is a solution provider with a deep application know-how and process knowledge down to the raw material. Core competences include simulation and analysis and extensive testing capabilities.

Miba eMobility

Miba develops and produces high performance components for electric powertrains. The product range includes mechanical components for e-axles and transmissions, stators and rotors for electric motors, electric safety components for electrical circuits and cooling solutions for batteries, coating solutions for fuel- and battery cells as well as full battery systems.

Miba Sintered Components

High-precision, high-strength sintered components are used in car engines and transmissions. Weight reduction and precisely tailored material density is increasing efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. Sinter based solutions for low-noise gears meet high acoustic requirements.

Miba Bearings

Miba sliding bearings are main elements for engine function and service life withstanding highest ignition pressures. They are used in diesel and gas engines for heavy-duty vehicles and industrial applications.

Miba Friction Materials

Friction materials are high-performance elements in vehicle clutches and brakes. They are used in powertrains for cars, including hybrids and battery electric vehicles, as well as in motorcycles and trucks. Miba Friction Group components reduce weight and transmission and are decisive for driving comfort.

Miba Power Electronics Components

Miba develops and produces resistors and water- and air cooled heat sinks. High performance resistors are used for charging and de-charging of capacitors in the power electronic of electric powertrains or as protective resistors. Miba heat sinks and heat pipes protect power electronic components against overheating and are used in frequency converters and power supplies.

Miba Special Machinery

Miba special machinery enables high-precision and swift mechanical production of small to very large components. Miba Automation Systems is leading in stationary and mobile special machinery for the energy sector and assembly lines for Hair-Pin Stators.

Miba Coatings

Miba develops customized coating solutions comprising special low-friction, wear, low noise, corrosion or electric conductivity characteristics. This ensures maximum service life and optimum functionality. They are used in engines, transmissions, e-axles and fuel cells.