Miba Group

DI Roland Hintringer, MBA
Dr.-Mitterbauer-Str. 3
4663 Laakirchen
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Miba is an international group that produces technologically advanced and highly resilient power train components. Our products make vehicles, trains, ships, airplanes and power stations more powerful, efficient and environmentally friendly. Miba engineers customized solutions in close collaboration with its customers. Miba researchers and developers get involved at the early stages of the development phase, and make essential contributions to the overall power train design and its future developments. Our expertise has its solid foundation in decades of experience with materials, applications technology and highly efficient production processes.

Products and solutions

Miba eMobility

Miba develops and produces high performance components for the electric powertrain. The product range includes mechanical components for electric axles and transmissions, magnetic active components for electric motors, cooling and thermo-management for batteries, cooling and safety components for power electronics and coating solutions for fuel cells and battery cells.

Miba Sintered Components

High-precision, high-strength sintered components are used in car engines and transmissions. The key advantage is that they reduce weight due to their complex design and precisely tailored density. This creates significant potential for increasing efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. Moreover, recently developed solutions for low-noise gear drives meet high acoustic requirements. Soft magnetic sintered components and modules for electrical machines that feature high power density can be used in hybrid and electrical drives as well as in auxiliary components.

Miba Bearings

Engine bearings are crucial components that significantly affect engine function and service life. They are used in diesel and gas engines, for example in heavy-duty vehicles. Miba bearings withstand highest ignition pressures, thus increasing engine efficiency.

Miba Friction Materials

Friction materials are decisive performance elements in vehicle clutches and brakes, optimizing speed and power and facilitating new functions. They are used in cars, including most modern hybrid and other alternative power train systems, as well as in motorcycles or trucks. Miba Friction Group components reduce weight and transmission size.

Miba Power Electronics Components

Miba develops and produces resistors and heat sinks. High performance resistors (high power respectively high voltage) can for instance be part of the power supplies and recuperation for hybrids and battery electric vehicles, where they are used e.g. for (de-)charging of capacitors, balancing potential in battery modules or as protective resistors. Miba heat sinks and heat pipes protect active and passive power electronic components against overheating and are used, for instance, in frequency converters and power supplies for electric power trains.

Miba Special Machinery

Miba special machinery enables high-precision and swift mechanical production of small to very large components. Miba Automation Systems is leading in stationary and mobile special machinery, especially for the energy sector.

Miba Coatings

Miba develops customized coating solutions comprising special low-friction, wear, low noise, corrosion or electric conductivity characteristics. These coatings ensure maximum service life and optimum functionality. They are used in components for engines, transmissions and other highly sophisticated applications including the area of fuel cell bipolar plates.