First Austrian research institution for hydrogen with test benches and hydrogen refuelling station
DI Dr. Alexander Trattner
Inffeldgasse 15
8010 Graz
+43 (0)316 873-9500

The HyCentA promotes the use of hydrogen as a regenerative energy carrier as well as the development of electrochemical systems and their peripheries. With its hydrogen test center, the first hydrogen delivery station in Austria and the most modern fuel cell system integration test bed in Europe, the HyCentA acts as a focal point and information platform for hydrogen-oriented research and development activities.

An interdisciplinary team of 30 experts and more than 14 years of expertise in the fields of production, distribution, storage and applications of hydrogen guarantee the necessary know-how to cope with multidisciplinary challenges of hydrogen technologies. HyCentA is operating a modern research infrastructure with highly qualified staff at the facilities of Graz University of Technology.

HyCentA is performing a variety of innovative R&D projects regarding fuel cells, electrolysis, gaseous storage systems, measuring and safety systems. Educational activities include the supervision of academic theses (Bachelor, Master and PhD) and hydrogen-related lectures.


  • Highly dynamic fuel cell system test bench up to 160 kW
  • High pressure test stand up for gas-bearing components to 1000 bar
  • H2-Refueling station for 350 and 700 bar for cars, busses and heavy-duty vehicles
  • Climate test bench from -40°C to +85°C
  • Two test cells for component and subsystem testing
  • Hydrogen quality laboratory


  • R&D on fuel cells, electrolysers and hydrogen storage systems
  • Thermodynamic, economical and ecological analyses of hydrogen processes and systems based on measurement and simulation
  • Customer-specific test stand setups
  • Comprehensive expertise regarding hydrogen safety
  • Conception, design, setup and certification of hydrogen systems
  • Scientific research, lecturing and publications