Bioenergy 2020+ GmbH

DI Dina Bacovsky
Inffeldgasse 21b
8010 Graz
+43 (0)7416-52238-35

Bioenergy 2020+ GmbH is the leading Austrian Institute in pre-competitive research in the field of biomass for energy. The main focus of the company lies on the energetic utilization of biomass. The company carries out R&D on biomass combustion, gasification and fermentation technologies, and provides a wide range of market services such as contract research, studies and analyses, consulting as well as market research.

In the field of conventional biofuels, Bioenergy 2020+ focuses on vegetable oil, biodiesel and bioethanol production technologies and product quality and provides basic concepts. In addition, innovative feedstock  such  as Jatropha,  Algae  and  waste  derived feedstock as well as availability of biomass resources, sustainability, life cycle assessment and certification is of particular interest. In the field of advanced biofuels such as drop-in biofuels (including biofuels for aviation) Bioenergy 2020+ focuses on a number of promising technologies. One of these is the conversion of the product gas from biomass gasification to  synthesized  biofuels.  Bioenergy  2020+  is  continuously working on the development and market implementation of FT synthesis for the production of FT fuels. Besides FT synthesis, synthetic natural gas, bio-hydrogen and mixed alcohols are other options which are investigated and developed. Most of these activities are carried out at our testing facilities at the thermal biomass gasification plant in Güssing.

Besides the utilization of product gas obtained by gasification, the upgrading of biogas from fermentative processes is a promising alternative. Bioenergy 2020+ has already successfully demonstrated upgrading processes with the use of membranes within a side stream in a large-scale biogas plant. The optimization of biogas production and plant efficiency in industrial scale are other activities.

Bioenergy 2020+ is actively involved in national and international networks for the deployment of biofuels. Bioenergy 2020+ participates in the international networks IEA Bioenergy Task 39 (Commercializing 1st- and  2nd-Generation Liquid Biofuels from Biomass), Task 33 (Thermal Gasification of Biomass), Task 37 (Energy from Biogas and Landfill Gas). Furthermore it participates in the European Technology and Innovation Platform  Bioenergy and holds the secretariat of the Advanced Motor Fuels Technology Collaboration Programme of the IEA. These participations allow Bioenergy 2020+ to obtain information on  research projects and their results, on the production and the use of biofuels and on the political framework in other countries. Beside other activities, Bioenergy 2020+ has developed and regularly updates a data base on advanced biofuels pilot and demonstration plants (, which impressively shows the worldwide efforts to develop renewable bio-based transport fuels.