Automotive Engineering

FH-Prof. DI Dr. Kurt Steiner
Alte Poststraße 149
8020 Graz
+43 (0)316 5453-8410

The Institute of Automotive Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences FH JOANNEUM stands for innovative vehicle concepts and sustainable mobility. The focus is firmly set on the entire vehicle, with particular emphasis on virtual system development (modelling and simulation) and testing (mechatronic control systems and application, component and full vehicle tests). The “Automotive Engineering” study programme at the FH JOANNEUM is unique amongst Austrian tertiary institutions and prepares tech-savvy young people for successful careers in engineering, both in Austria and abroad.

Within the framework of customer and R&D projects, the research center at the Institute of Automotive Engineering is involved in a variety of activities ranging from virtual product development through simulation and technical optimization as well as application of computer-aided methods to technical testing of individual components and tests with complete vehicles.

The main pillars of applied research are:

  • Design (methodology, analysis, conceptualization, feasibility)
  • Technical calculation and simulation (FEM calculation, computational fluid dynamics, multibody system methods)
  • Control systems and application (development, design/presentation & optimization of mechatronic systems)
  • Testing (test procedures, measurement signal acquisition & processing, analysis)

Since early 2000, the Institute of Automotive Engineering has had an accreditation for emission tests according to the international standard EN 17025 (General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories). Our comprehensive quality management system enables us to maintain the quality of services for partners and clients at the highest level. The test facility is equipped with two engine test benches with exhaust gas measurement, a chassis dynamometer, a skid resistance tester, a tilting bed, a transmission and clutch test bed, two drivetrain test beds, a climate chamber (-50° to +50° C for cold-start tests and investigations of automotive air conditioning) and a SHED system (for performing evaporative-emissions tests on vehicles, tank systems and components).

The chassis dynamometer as well as the laboratory for the SHED system are accredited to European and US standards. A measurement laboratory, a rapid-prototyping facility and automotive workshops are also available. A tensile testing machine, a hardness tester (Vickers, Rockwell, shore-A), equipment for the preparation of metallographic samples, an incident light microscope and a stereomicroscope are avail-able for the characterization of materials. The test facilities are used both for teaching purposes as well for research partnerships with the automotive industry. The Institute of Automotive Engineering employs 35 people, including lecturers, researchers and testing facility as well as administrative staff. A further 50 experts from industry also teach at the Institute. With 11 full-time lecturers for approximately 280 students, we offer an excellent student-staff ratio.