Automotive Cluster Upper Austria

Wolfgang Komatz, MSc
Hafenstraße 47-51
4020 Linz
+43 (0)732 79810-5081

The Automotive Cluster (AC) is the largest company network of the Austrian automotive industry. Cluster members operate in several sectors of the industry, ranging  from  the production  of  parts  and  assemblies to plant engineering, tool making and applied research. Moreover, OEMs such as BMW, MAN, KTM, BRP-Powertrain, CNH and Rosenbauer play an active part in the network. The majority of the cluster members are highly innovative companies of small and medium size.

In addition to conventional networking and information  services,  the  AC  provides  specific  supportive activities in the fields of cross-company collaboration, internationalization and automotive qualification. Bringing together the right competencies for innovative  projects  and  encouraging  companies  to  work together have always been key goals of the Automotive Cluster. Due to popular demand, certified automotive training courses are offered throughout the year.

Transferring Suppliers’ Innovations to OEMs

With great success, the Automotive Cluster launched its  Supplier  Innovation  Days,  where  cluster  members can exclusively present their innovations and new technologies to OEMs’ developers and buyers, directly at the OEMs’ premises. Typically, these highly efficient one-day-events are composed of in-house expositions, complementary technical presentations and various highlights. The Automotive Cluster puts a lot of effort in the preparatory stages to ensure the best possible matching of technological needs and solutions.

Connected Mobility – the smart future

The aim of the new cooperation platform is the networking  of  various  industry  sectors  to  encourage exchange  and  to  support  the  development  of  new products and services in the field of “smart mobility”. Successful networking and interdisciplinary collaboration take place between partner companies of the Automotive- and IT-Cluster and R&D institutions, as well as companies & start-ups from inside and outside the sector, public organizations and institutions.

A2LT – Austrian Advanced Lightweight Technology

Together with the Mechatronics- and Plastics-Cluster as well as the ACstyria Autocluster, the Automotive Cluster launched the platform A2LT and linked industrial sectors which deal with lightweight technologies. Lightweight solutions in this platform are influenced by different sectors, such as mechanical engineering, surface coating and technical textiles, as well as the construction industry. Leading companies like voestalpine, AMAG, MAGNA, FACC, Fill and Fronius are also part of the A2LT plenum, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) along the value chain.