ANDATA – The way to a safe solution
DDI Dr. Andreas Kuhn
Mag. Birgit Kuhn
Hallburgstraße 5
5400 Hallein
+43 (0)6245 74063

ANDATA is a leading pioneer in the development and application of AI based solutions for safety critical control systems and algorithms in the fields of automotive safety, advanced driver assistance systems, automated driving, robotics and traffic automation.

ANDATA has been founded 2004 with the intention to significantly improve the effectivity and efficiency in the development and safeguarding of complex control algorithms within the automotive industry by the application of Artificial Intelligence in neat combination with simulation, scenario and data-based development procedures. First successes could soon be gained in the field of automotive safety systems, helping the leading OEMs in the reengineering of their virtual development and safeguarding of occupant restraint control systems. This was followed by the extension of the development procedures to advanced driving assistant and integral safety systems. ANDATA’s ideas and approaches are now becoming core elements for the validation of any kind of automated driving functions.

On the way to Vision Zero (no more deaths by traffic accidents) ANDATA soon realized that it is not enough to improve crashworthiness for the reduction of crash fatalities. Beside the avoidance and mitigation of collisions with the help of autonomous emergency brakes and warning systems, the industry is now entering the next steps, where dangerous situations should be avoided at all with the help of connected, cooperative and (semi-)automated driving functions in conjunction with according support of the traffic infrastructure. Under the brand of VERONET, ANDATA developed a rich set of building blocks for general traffic automation, which comprises automated driving and cooperative traffic control with vehicle connectivity. Such a holistic approach will be a must, when the expected benefits from automated driving (reduction of accidents and congestions) really should take place.

Beside automotive and traffic control the generality of ANDATA’s AI based development approaches have been proofed and validated by further application in the fields of robotics, logistics, railway and maritime.