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Salzburg-based technology company Andata is a leading player in the development of intelligent vehicles and traffic systems. The specialists from Hallein have been making vehicles safer and more intelligent for over 10 years now. They ensure that by the development of predictive algorithms for the control of airbags, crash mitigation and avoidance systems as well as algorithms for automated driving and traffic control. This is founded on disciplines such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, numerical simulations and virtual sensors.

In 2009, following several years of collaboration, Audi and  Andata  founded  a  joint  venture,  Automotive Safety Technologies GmbH (ASTech). With Andata’s technological approach and the knowledge base of the Audi Vehicle Safety division, software solutions are being developed here for integrated vehicle safety.

Driver assistance systems have for a long time been indispensable in many vehicles. Above all they have become an integral element in the prevention of accidents. Thanks to the linking of data from the vehicle itself with information from environmental sensors, the driver is firstly warned of potential hazards and then assistance systems can also intervene automatically if necessary. It is not easy to teach assistance systems how  to  identify  potential  hazards  in  traffic.  Consequently, complex simulations for every conceivable situation are played through in the high-performance computers, so that the necessary virtual experience can be drawn upon if the worst comes to the worst. Safety systems can only compute hazards if the relevant data and information is available. This is why Andata deals extensively with sensor technology. Data mining is used to process mountains of sensor data in order to detect the patterns that typically occur with hazards. Actions initiated in good time allow the risk of injury for both driver and other parties involved to be decreased.

In future, cars will not only be equipped with sensors; vehicles must also communicate and cooperate with one another, with traffic management systems and other traffic participants. This paves the way for the networking of all road users, which Andata is working towards. The company has developed a construction kit for traffic control and management that goes by the name of Veronet. 

The key lies in the structure of the system architecture: Veronet is decentralised, because the volume of data arising cannot be processed centrally with a reasonable amount of effort. Specifically, this means: The Veronet solution model is based on swarm intelligence. The benefits of this are not only reaped by road users, who experience less traffic congestion, but also by towns and cities, whose infrastructure can be better exploited.

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