Austrian Institute of Technology
DI Dr. Christian Chimani
Giefinggasse 2
1210 Vienna
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Austria’s largest non-university research institute and specialist in the key infrastructure issues of the future.

AIT Center for Low-Emission Transport

Mobility is a core pillar of human society and therefore a central factor in our economic system. At the AIT Center for Low-Emission Transport, around 150 experts are working on solutions for sustainable, safe, intelligent and thus future-proof mobility. The focus of the research and development work is on material-based lightweight design, on the electrification of the propulsion train and the storage of electrical energy, as well as on a resilient and safe transport infrastructure. This also includes environmentally compatible and intelligent production technologies for mobility components. Comprehensive system know-how, scientific excellence, state-of-the-art laboratory infrastructure and many years of international experience enable AIT experts to drive innovations in the field of climate-friendly mobility and thus to serve industry and society already today with the solutions of tomorrow.

Electric Vehicle Technologies: development center for electric vehicle concepts

The AIT services enable the increasing of the energy efficiency of vehicle components, as well as for whole vehicles by investigating new technologies and topologies for powertrain and auxiliary components (including reducing the development time), designing procedures for robust and reliable power electronics, improved component interaction (e.g. the interplay between power electronics and the electric machine), and passenger comfort.

Light Metals Technologies: cutting-edge simulation tools and unique research infrastructure

The use of lightweight materials and components shows significant increased use in vehicle design. The reduction in weight has an enormous positive effect on the energy efficiency and CO2 emissions caused by the transport sector, especially aviation and automotive. At LKR Leichtmetallkompetenzzentrum Ranshofen, a 100% subsidiary of AIT, scientists use both cutting-edge simulation tools and a unique research infrastructure to develop and prototype new metal alloys and customized casting and forming processes for future industrial applications.

Battery materials laboratory – battery components for tomorrow‘s electric era

Specially equipped facilities for the synthesis, analysis and validation of material in small-sized cells open the door to comprehensive battery materials research. The focus is primarily on the development of high-performance cathodes and high-energy anode materials for Lithium Ion and beyond, as well as on the optimisation of known cell chemistries. The scale up to prototype pouch cells of up to 10 Ah using our research pilot line brings fundamental research closer to industrial production and bridges the gap between academia and industry. The characterization of materials and battery performance completes our portfolio.