Mobility Cluster
Ing. Mag. Gerhard Mitterer
Parkring 1
8074 Raaba-Grambach
43 316 40969617

The Company:
ACstyria represents a network of around 300 companies from the automotive, aerospace and rail systems sectors - with more than 70.000 employees and a total turnover of more than 17 billion €. The main purpose of the cluster – founded in 1995 – is the support of styrian companies along the entire value-creation chain. It provides a link between business, industry, research and public institutions.

Shareholders: AVL List GmbH, Krenhof AG, KTM Industries AG, Magna Steyr, Steirische Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft mbH, TCM International GmbH, voestalpine AG

R&D Quota: 12%

Scope of Business:

With more than 160 partner companies, the field of Automotive is the driving force of Styrian economy. The know-how ranges from the production and processing of raw materials and components through research & development to the production of complete vehicles.

More than 80 Styrian companies generate over 360 million € per year in the aerospace industry and employ around 1.500 employees. The main focus is on cabin interiors, structural components, powertrain, materials and lightweight construction.

With large system suppliers, highly qualified niche specialists and the world's leading research institutes, the Rail Competence Field is one of the most dynamic sectors in the industry. ACstyria supports partner companies in the areas of rolling stock, suspension and signalling.

Ecologically sustainable technologies, autonomous systems and the optimization of production processes present challenges and opportunities. By tackling these topics, the high potential for innovation of Styrian companies is strengthened in all three areas of competence of the mobility cluster ACstyria.