Eco-Mobility 2021 - 15 Years A3PS

16th International A3PS Conference

Eco-Mobility 2021

Paths to Climate-Neutral Mobility

Sustainable Propulsion Concepts and Energy Carriers for Carbon-Neutral Future:


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On November 18th and 19th, 2021, the 16th International A3PS Conference will bring together leading representatives from industry, R&D and technology policy to discuss the actual development and market introduction of efficient propulsion concepts and sustainable energy carriers. Bonded by the European Green Deal, we are all together on the way to a climate neutral mobility and collaboration throughout scientific disciplines, supply chains and national borders seems ever more important.

This year’s conference also gives us the chance to proudly celebrate the 15th Anniversary of A3PS. Founded in 2006, the platform successfully connected important mobility players, scientists, politicians and automotive industry from small to multi-billion-companies all over Austria. Starting as niche topic, sustainable propulsion systems became and are today heart of the mobility transformation. A change which constantly increases the fields of action of A3PS and its partners in depth and in diversity.


Goals are set, as lain down in the re-newed Austrian law for renewable energy (EAG), but many paths claim to lead to a carbon neutral future. Which are to be pursued? To better understand the complexity and interdependencies that challenge the transport transformation, we ought to exchange knowledge on a most broad level. From primary material resources over the whole production chain to energy carriers, from passenger mobility to commercial vehicles and from production to recycling, all impacts need to be taken into account regarding the whole life cycle. Of course, this important task cannot be solved by one nation single-handedly but in cooperation with experts and policy makers from all over Europe.


  • What environmental beneftis can we expect from actual research results for the automotive industry?
  • How can critical resources be coordinated across competing industries?
  • What alternative propulsion system best serves which purpose?
  • How does the future mix of vehicles on European roads look like?
  • Which eco-friendly technologies promise the best results according to Life Cycle Assessments?



Gironcoli-Kristall | STRABAG Art Forum, Donau-City-Straße 9, 1220 Vienna


Schedule and Programme:

Day 1 (18 Nov, Thursday) Day 2 (19 Nov, Friday)

from politics, industry and R&D institutions

AIT - Anton Plimon

from politics, industry and R&D institutions

Volvo - Henrik Engdahl

Session 1
Primary Energy & Energy Carriers

Specialist Presentations


NESTE - Mat Hultman

TU Graz - Armin Buchroithner

Session 3
Commercial Vehicles

Specialist Presentations


AVL - Jürgen Rechberger

Contargo - Kristin Kahl

Session 2
Passenger Mobility

Specialist Presentations


VOEST - Franz Androsch

Solaris - Mateusz Figaszewski


Session 4
Resources, Recycling &LCA

Specialist Presentations


Joanneum Research - Martin Beermann

AIT - Carina Schlögl

Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH - Sebastian Goldner

Social Evening - 15 Years A3PS
Networking with participants, speakers, exhibitors

Plenary Discussion

The detailed programme will be available soon.

The Eco-Mobility 2021 also features an exhibition of vehicles, components and posters, open on both days.




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General Chair: Dr. Michael Nöst (A3PS)
Conference Committee:    DI Hanno Miorini (BOSCH) - Chairman of Committee, Dr. Andreas Dorda - Governmental Representative (BMK),
Dr. Christian Chimani (AIT), Dr. Peter Prenninger (AVL), DI (FH) Thomas Uitz (OMV)
Organisation Chair:

Dr. Elisabeth Luchini (A3PS)



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COVID-19 Regulations

Whether vaccinated or not, without exception all participants (contributors, staff, and participants) must present a valid, negative PCR test at registration/check-in. Without a valid PCR test, there will be NO admission to the A3PS Eco-Mobility 2021 Conference. Please note that PCR-tests in Vienna are only valid for 48 hours after taking the sample.

Everyone must keep a distance of 1 metre to others. Wearing a mouth-nose covering (FFP2-mask) is obligatory. Masks can only be taken off when seated.


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