Tuesday, October 27, 2020 (All day)
Coventry, UK
The Manufacturing Technology Centre – (MTC), Coventry, United Kingdom

Product Development in Motion traditionally highlights the trends and technologies you need to know today across a programme of keynote speeches, workshops and a connected expo to support the development of future mobility across all sectors, including:

  • Electrification
  • ADAS and Connected Vehicle Development
  • Virtual Validation
  • Future of the combustion engine


As the degree of electrification will increase in all Powertrains we decided this year to call the event ePDiM.

In detail:

1. Many new, partly also all-electric powertrains are on the road already and feedback from the customers is coming in

2. The combustion engine is seeing a second life via significant technical improvements on the engine itself and electrical components being able to help overcome the shortcomings of pure combustion powertrains leading to a “zoo of hybrids”. So what will be the mix between even further combustion engine development, hybrid and pure electric?

3. The demand to connect the vehicle to its environment and assist or totally replace the driver. Nobody knows today what the complete “AD/ADAS lab” will look like - but powerful first steps are being made, and for sure this “lab” is also on public roads.

4. Inevitably the call for virtual validation to broaden the validation funnel, do validation earlier in the process and cheaper will only be stronger when reading all of the above.

Whilst the benefits of the new technologies in safety, consumption, performance, emission and convenience are enormous the automotive industry as a whole faces the challenge of taking decisions, develop safe and cost-effective reliable solutions - all at the same time with literally the same teams and budgets.

This means the field of product development is in motion - PDiM20 looks at the trends you need to know. Let us know what you want to hear and see there.