A3PS Working Groups

Working Group BEV

The working group considers strong scientific and informative public relations work about battery electric vehicles to be its main tasks. The group analyses strengths and weaknesses of battery electric vehicles and points out research and development needs.

Working Group FCV

The working group’s focus is on hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. Besides, the group also deals with hydrogen production, infrastructure and storage, since sustainable production, price and availability of hydrogen play a key role for the success of fuel cell vehicles.

Working Group ICE

The working group targets the need for research on internal combustion machines as well as on advanced motor fuels, aiming at efficiency, CO2 neutrality and zero-emissions. The strengths of Austrian institutions in this field are discussed and highlighted.

Working Group AVC

The working group deals with advanced and future vehicle concepts like automatization (driving assistance systems and automated driving), lightweight construction and production technologies. The group links to the other three working groups and focuses on system perspective and integration.